Sunday, October 4, 2009

Autumn Blessings From New England

Oh what a beautiful place to be this time of year!

Autumn's Beauty
The splendor of orange, gold and red
paints an image of beauty inside my head.
The colors of fall appear before me
reaching far for the hills and beyond what I see.

The crisp, clean smell of the air right now
has captured my senses off guard somehow.
The magic of Autumn with it's beauty galore
is a gift from God for us all to adore.
by Deb Boudreau
There is no prettier place to be in autumn than New England.

The air is crisp and sweet . . .
The leaves are magnificant shades of red, gold and orange . . .
The smell of burning leaves - mmmmmmm . . .
The frost is on the pumpkins . . .
The mums boast their colors . . .
Apple pickin' and candy apples . . .
Fall country fairs . . .

Speaking of country fairs, last weekend I participated in the annual "Collector's Eye Fall Festival". It is a two-day event held the last weekend in September, boasting wonderful antiques, primitives and collectibles, as well as hand-crafted offerings, art and other needfuls.

Pictured below are some of the photos I took of my setup at the fair featuring handmade creations that I have worked on all year. Some of them I featured in earlier blog posts. You may recognize them as you scroll through the photos.

Surrounded by mums, this is a sign I constructed and painted. It would be a great addition to one's bar, pub or game room.

I purchased this rustic trellis at my friend Lynn's shop, Log Cabin Antiques. I made the little "harvest blessings" sign and embellished with a swag of bittersweet from my back yard.

My friend Mollie dropped off a section of picket fence one day, so I decided to craft something with it that would be useful. I got out the power tools, screws, paint, sandpaper, etc. and this is what I came up with. A rustic bench! Not bad for a woodworking novice.

The next few photos to follow are my booth display. Please click on each image for better detail.

In this photo, I put out some homemade pumpkin mini muffins. It confused a lot of folks because inside my tent I had a "Fall Festival" candle burning. The candle smelled like pumpkin, cinnamon and all the smells associated with baking muffins. So my visitors were not sure if the muffins were real! Too funny!

This box is one of my re-do's that I featured in an earlier blog post. I simply added a mum and some bittersweet to create a colorful autumn display that would be great on a porch.

This small divided box was one that I purchased from Log Cabin Antiques. I repurposed it by hand painting a saltbox scene and adding "home sweet home" embroidered inserts. A very unique offering . . .

I had to make several yoyo's to create this embroidered table mat. Even the flower centers are yoyo's with small pompoms inside.

This is one of two wall-hangings that I completed in time for the fair. I featured this one in an earlier blog post.

Happy Fall to All


  1. That was a beautiful display with so many wonderful things! Wish I could have come.

  2. all screams for me! I love it...every last photo!!

  3. Lovely, just lovely!

    I was just saying to my husband this morning how much I miss going to The Collector's Eye and other places like that along the seacoast!

    I am glad you had fun!! I enjoyed your photos!