Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pickets on Parade

Mollie, a good friend of mine who lives in town, gave me a call one day because she heard that I might be interested in gathering a few sections of an old picket fence that had been taken down and was headed for the burn pile. Excited about it, I told her I would be right over with my husband's truck to grab as many sections as I could! "Are you kidding?" "Free pickets?" So I came home with a truckload of old, rustic, flaky paint pickets and backed the truck up to the edge of the woods in the back yard. In the woods I found a spot to lean the fence sections up against a couple of trees. Occasionally I go out with my hammer and whack a few pickets off the rails and bring them in for projects, and sometimes special orders. Each picket is approximately four feet tall. I have used them for many purposes including: Christmas sayings, family names, quilt hangers, collector signs, etc. I have also cut them into smaller pieces and made mini signs. Below I have photographed a few of the pickets I have painted for gifts, home decor and whatever else comes to mind. I still have several rustic pickets in the woods waiting to become a treasure for someone. Thank you Mollie for thinking of me when your pickets needed to leave your property. I have put them to very good use!
These small picket signs are currently for sale in a nearby antique shop where I love to consign my creations. I will be doing a feature on "Log Cabin Antiques" in a future post.......stay tuned.
This little "snow" sign was one of my designs using a wool applique snowman head, taking the place of the "o" in snow.

These three signs I just recently completed for consignment.

This is a picket I painted for myself when I decorated a new bathroom we added to our home recently. I thought it looked perfect on the dark red wall.

These are small picket signs that I made for a fall fair I participated in. If you click on the image you can read each sign.

This is a flag sign I created using old pickets. I consign some of my creations in a small antique shop in Maine called "Liberty Antiques", so I figured this sign would be perfect to sell up there.....and it was. It sold to one of the locals that lives in Liberty!

I have several more lonely pickets out back in the woods waiting for a home somewhere. If you're interested in having a special sentiment hand-painted on a rustic picket, send me an email and I'd be happy to negotiate a design for you.

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