Friday, March 6, 2009

Folk Art Chicks

I am a bit depressed today because winter has taken it's toll on my hands. They're a wreck! It has been so cold this season and the air has been so dry, thus my hands have fallen victim to winter's wrath. My skin is cracked on my fingertips close to the nail and also along the bendy joints.....very painful and too sore to stitch, or do anything for that matter. I guess I will have to grease up my hands with petroleum jelly and wear socks on them to bed tonight, unless someone can offer a better remedy!
OK, I'm done whining. Since I haven't completed any crafts recently to feature on my blog, I am posting a project that I made last year. I frequently visit my local antique shops and browse for old, rustic farm stuff that I think would make unique hangers for my wall quilts. I have collected several "whiffletrees" (as pictured below) that work great for small wall-hangings. I am always thinking "outside of the box" with my creations and I am happy to share this one. The quilt design was inspired by a picture I saw in a junk catalog. I think the chicken was actually a clock. I really liked the whimsical look of it so I decided to applique three of them on a patchwork quilt and embroider "Folk Art Chicks" to bring attention to them. The applique work was done with recycled wool and the patchwork was pieced with my favorite Thimbleberries fabrics. Please click on the images to enlarge for a view of the detail.

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  1. Deb -a remedy for those cracked dried up hands - go to agway and buy Bag Balm - I started using it this winter adn I have no dry cracks in my hands or heels! Best ever -and you dont even need to use socks! :)