Friday, April 24, 2009

WWW's Completed Project!

If you read my post from "Whatcha Working on Wednesday", I had begun a project using a crocheted doily, some wool, and a couple of ideas in my head.
Since Wednesday was Earth Day, I spent some time thinking about how I could do my part, considering the three R's (reduce, re-use, recycle). I have quite a stash of recycled wool clothing from area thrift shops, so my project ended up being a wool penny pillow. Even the pillow insert is a re-use. Just last week my friend Mollie dropped by and she asked me if I had any use for a recycled pillow form. Of course my response was "absolutely"! So here is my completed project . . . a recycled wool skirt, a recycled pillow form, recycled thread and other bits and pieces of recycled wool scraps. Oh, and the button in the star came from a yard sale!
Just yesterday, I received a call from my friend Theresa, owner of "Country Pursuits". She was asking if I had any primitive wool penny projects that I wanted to consign in her antique shop that will be opening this weekend. Now I can proudly call her and say "yes, as a matter of fact, I do"!


  1. I absolutely love that pillow, it will sell in a flash!

  2. I love the pillow. What a great Earth Day project.

    I hope Theresa's new shop is close to you so we can stop by this summer :)