Friday, May 8, 2009

Thyme for Gardening

This morning when I woke up it was a glorious day! The sky was vivid blue and crystal clear.....the birds were singing.....the air was pure and sweet smelling. I thought to myself, "what a beautiful gift from God".

I was so inspired this morning that I got excited (finally) about doing some gardening this weekend.....but I made the mistake of listening to the weather report. The forecast is clouds and showers for the entire weekend. As I sit here right now, after lunch, the clouds are rolling in for forecasted showers tonight. I am waiting for my granddaughter Norah to awake from her afternoon nap so we can go for a walk before the raindrops arrive.

Below, I am sharing some of my photos of a garden vignette that I created last year. I purchased a few old, rusted pieces from my friend's antique shop, "Log Cabin Antiques". I love to use "olde junque" as artistic pieces among the beautiful blooms of planted annuals.

I created this verse for the garden and painted it on an old piece of wood. I hung it using rusty wire to match the rusty old crib rails that it hangs from.

I had purchased this old box with a lid that someone had attached hardware cloth to. I tucked a potted annual into an old rusty flower sifter and set it inside the box. I also planted an ivy in an old rusty funnel and hung it from the left side of the box. I just love old junque!

"Tickle it with a hoe and it will laugh itself into a garden"

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