Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Multi-material pillow

Today I completed this pillow using various materials and my own design. As you will notice, I had one of my crocheted doilies left over. Using Thimbleberries fabrics, I made a simple 4-square patchwork base for the pillow cover. I extended the cover to allow for a button closure. Next, I cut from wool a flower shape to match my doily that I overlaid on the wool applique. The center of the flower is actually a rug-hooked circle using this funky black/brown fuzzy yarn. I simply tacked it on with needle and thread.

Accompanying the pillow is a beautiful crocheted cotton lap robe that my mom made me for Christmas. She used a pattern that makes these squares with raised flowers in the center. She had some left over from a large afgan she made for my daughter's wedding gift last July.

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  1. You have some beautiful crafts on here. This picture of your pillow looks so cozy & inviting.
    I'm gonna get cozy in my chair and read some more of your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine!