Friday, June 19, 2009

Don't Throw That Away!

Once upon a time, there was a couple that lived in a house that they built over 25 years ago. Residing in the basement was an old woodstove that was not in use. It wasn't a nice air-tight stove, just a plain, "ho-hum" stove. When the lady of the house (me) decided that she wanted to renovate the basement into her crafting studio, she kept stumbling over the old woodstove that seemed to always be in the way. The lady asked her husband how much it was worth and he said "not much". So she asked him to please list it on Craig's List for sale. When he didn't do that, the lady asked him to put it out at the curb with a "free" sign on it. When he didn't do that, she became a bit frustrated because she wanted it out of the basement.

A bit of time passed and the lady of the house happened to come up with an idea for the woodstove. Around the second weekend in May, the man asked the lady what she wanted for Mother's Day. She replied "I'm not your mother, but I would love a woodstove planter". "What?" I explained that I wanted to put the woodstove out in my garden and use it for a planter. He said "No way! I don't want that piece of junk in the yard!"

A couple more weeks passed and it was the lady's birthday. The man asked her what she wanted for her birthday. After thinking for a moment, she replied "Hmmmmm.....I would love a woodstove planter". He chuckled.

Anyway, I ended up having a very happy birthday!


  1. Funny story :) Your woodstove planter looks amazing. What a great way to repurpose something you were going to get rid of.

  2. Loved how you told the story about your woodstove planter. It looks amazing with the flowers on it!!!