Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

I'd like to wish all my readers a "belated" Happy Valentine's Day. I had the intention of posting a couple of vintage Valentine images that my niece shared with me. I was also going to post one of my poems that I wrote. I simply ran out of time. Lately I have been preoccupied with cleaning out my basement in an effort to transform it into my sewing/crafting studio, so that is how I've been spending my free time. I did, however, manage to capture a picture of a project I made a couple of years ago before I put it in my friend's shop for consignment. I designed a patchwork wall-hanging with a crazy quilted heart that is attached with buttons. Inside the heart I included a proverb that I wrote:

Love, like a homespun quilt,

wraps our souls

in everlasting warmth.

The quilt is attached to a grapevine swag with sheer orgundy ribbon. I made three of these projects. I sold one immediately after completing it and I have two left. One of them is the one pictured above.
I hope you all had a pleasant day with your loved one. I did!

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