Friday, February 6, 2009

Phenomenon, Gift From God or Hormones?

For a brief period in my life while nearing fifty years of age, I was blessed with this strange ability to write creatively, with a very strong drive forcing it. I was compelled to write poetry! During my life, writing creatively was never was always easy for me. But during this "special" time, there was a distinct voice, no, a feeling that was fueling my mind with words. My brain was constantly buzzing with ideas for these words. I thought about writing song lyrics, maybe a book, anything. I had to get the words down on paper to get them out of my mind. So I attempted poetry, and wow . . . it really took over my life. I wrote maybe twenty complete poems and I have several started, waiting to be finished someday. Most of my creative thoughts occurred while I was in the shower or driving my car. I actually kept a notebook and a pen in my car and I would pull off the road to write down my thoughts when they started buzzing my brain. So I am wondering if this "event" was a phenomenon, a gift from God, or just plain hormones raging towards the dreaded "pause"! The whole thing lasted about six months, and thankfully during that time there were several things that inspired me to write some of the poems that I will share in this blog from time to time. If anyone who reads this post has ever experienced a similar or peculiar occurance such as this, I would love to hear your comments. The strangest part of it is that the ability left me as quickly as it came to me. I no longer have the strong inspiration to write poetry. I hope it comes back to visit at some point in my life so I can finish my poems that were left in progress.

This is one of many poems that I was inspired to write about my life and my family. Enjoy.

I love being home where my family resides,
content in the structure where our love abides.
These windows and walls that keep us protected
surround us with comfort and keep us connected.
Home is the one place where I long to be
providing warm moments for my family,
the place where we gather and share conversations
of day~to~day small talk and "someday" vacations.
Home is where children learn values in life . . .
home is where we began as husband and wife.
Life is too short to not have a place
to grow with each other with laughter and grace.
As each year goes by we will never forget
the good times we share and the folks we have met.
In this place we call "home" it's where I long to be,
it's the gathering place for my family.
We'll always be humble and never outgrow
the walls that surround the love that we know.
Our family is growing in numbers this year,
but "home" will always be ever so near.
Deb Boudreau

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