Monday, February 16, 2009

Teddy Bear

How many of you have a teddy bear collection in your home? I collected teddies for years. I decided to give some of my favorites a new purpose because I was getting bored with them. Instead of donating and/or discarding them, I decided I would give them new life and interest. This guy below with the floppy legs is one of my favorites. I decided to make a pillow for him to hold that has the sentiment "The Reading Room". I keep him propped on a rustic chair in my bathroom.......or reading room!

I have several more bears to repurpose. I think I will make up some little patchwork quilts for them to hold that offer a special sentiment, something to brighten one's day. Maybe I will even make some fleece jackets for a couple with pockets to hold dried flowers. Hmmmm. We'll see what develops.

While we're still on the subject of bears, I wrote a poem a couple of years ago about a boy and his teddy bear:
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tattered and torn, weathered and worn . . .

this teddy bear looks so forlorn.

But in the arms of Jimmy Lee

the bear's as happy as can be.

A cute button nose, stuffing exposed,

this is the toy that Jimmy chose

when he needed comfort while going to bed

to get him through the long night ahead.

A teddy bear is a magical toy,

safe and warm in the arms of a boy.

He's always there to hug and to hold

giving unconditional love, I'm told.

Deb Boudreau

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