Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stay Tuned!

Today, and for the past few weekends and several week nights, I have been on a tear to clean out my basement in preparation for it's transformation into my crafting studio. My hubby and I are going through 25 years of "stuff" we have collected, stored, hid, stacked, thrown, etc. in the basement. Some of it has resided there since day one of moving in. It has collected plenty of dust, dirt, moisture, mold, mice matter and who knows what else has lurked down there. We have thrown out a huge amount of things that have been ruined, gone out of style, forgot we had, etc. I have been washing, etching and painting small sections of the concrete floor as it becomes empty. Today I pulled out a bunch of yard sale collections (yes, I've been a pack rat for years). I got all excited to lay my eyes on things I had totally forgotten about. As I write this post, I am asking you to "stay tuned" to my blog for future makeovers. I found alot of really cool stuff that I can't wait to reinvent. I will be doing before and after photos of everything I create. Hang in there. I have to clean the rest of the basement first, so Hubby can do his part: wiring for lights and heat, plumbing, partitions and closets to hide all the ugly stuff, and a suspended ceiling. Lots of work . . . . off I go!

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